Being bilingual (English and French), I will offer material in both languages. Being both a secondary school and college teacher, I will offer material created for these age groups. Being a language lover, I will offer material created to optimize language learning and make the experience enjoyable for all. Being a teacher, I will offer material that is easy to use in a classroom and challenging for the students.

pdf, 6.73 MB
pdf, 6.73 MB

TOPIC: Skilled for Life
Based on material from previous ministerial examinations, this file is a practice ministerial examination for Quebec secondary 5 students who are part of the English as a Second Language, Core Program. The file includes a preparation booklet, a writing booklet, a final copy booklet and discussion questions. Basically, everything a teacher needs to get his or her students to practice, improve and get ready for the end-of-the-year ministerial examinations.

This file is meant for Quebec secondary 5 students who are completing their English as a Second Language, Core Program. It duplicates what the students will have to accomplish for their final ministerial evaluation, meaning reading and learning about an assigned topic; then, discussing the assigned topic with other students; and finally, writing an argumentative essay about the topic.

I use this document to help my student practice before their final examination. It reduces their stress and helps them understand what will be expected of them.

In addition, it allows me to assess and mostly identify problematics students could encounter before their official ministerial examination.


  • Hand out the preparation booklet
  • Allow a set time for students to read, fill out and mostly, learn about the topic at hand. ( I usually give them a few days)
  • Have students discuss what they have read and learn about it the booklet. Students can share and discuss their answers to the various questions found within the preparation booklet.
  • Divide students into groups of four and give each students two questions, taken from the discussion questions section of this file, which also includes an evaluation grid.
  • Tell the students that they must discuss together using the assigned questions for at least 15 minutes.
  • on a following period, pick up their preparation booklet (the ministry does not allow students to have access to their preparation booklet while writing their text) and hand out the writing and final copy booklets. Students should take no longer than 120 minutes to complete the writing task.


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