Prefix, Suffix, Greek and Latin Root Word Wall Bundle
Prefix Suffix and Greek and Latin Roots Word Wall Bundle. In this zipped bundle you get the 4 in 1 word wall bundle of Prefixes, Suffixes, Greek Roots, and Latin Roots. There are 36 prefix word wall cards, 36 suffix word wall cards, 27 Greek Root word wall cards, and 33 Latin root word wall cards in this set. The definitions and illustrations are on each word card which makes this a great tool for memorizing the meaning of these roots and affixes. The illustrations are for visual learners to connect the roots and affixes to real life and to make sense of new and unfamiliar words. Just print, cut out and laminate the cards and use them as headers for doing ‘root of the day’ focus walls or use them as stand alone word walls.

The prefixes are: mis, de, a, ab, abs, fore, tri, pre, re, dis, in, dif, semi, micro, ex, un, *im, sub, inter, pro, *im, tele, bi, super, under, uni/mono, bi/duo, tri, tetra/quad, quint/penta, sex/hexa, hepta/sept, oct, nona, deca, hecto, and kilo.
* Note that the prefix ‘im-‘ has two meanings; one is ‘into’ and the other is ‘not’, so I have created two separate cards for the prefix ‘im-‘.

The suffixes are: ous, ory, ly, ling, el, fy, ant, able, ible, ness, ess, ment, er, less, ence, ive, eer, ier, et, or, ism, ship, hood, ful, dom, ist, en, sion, ish, *al, acy, *al, ate, tion, ical, and esque.
* Note that there are two different cards for the suffix ‘al’ because it has two different meanings.

The Greek roots are: auto, bio, chron, dyna, gram, graph, hetero, homo, hydr, hypo, logy, meter/metr, micro, mis/miso, mono, morph, nym, phil, phobia, phon, photo/phos, pseudo, psycho, scope, techno, tele, and therm.

The Latin roots are: ambi, aqua, aud, bene, cent, circum, contra, counter, dict, duc/duct, fac, form, fort, fract, ject, jud, mal, mater, mit, mort, multi, pater, port, rupt, scrib/scribe, sec/sect, sent, spec, struct, vid/vis, voc, fin/finit, and mob/mov/mot.

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