ESL Fun Class & Ernesto Clases Divertidas
ESL Fun Class & Ernesto Clases Divertidas
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pdf, 3.92 MB
pdf, 3.92 MB
This is a game to practice Prepositions of Movement. Checkers is played by two players. Each player begins the game with 12 colored discs. The board consists of 64 squares, alternating between 32 black and 32 red squares. Each player places his or her pieces on the 12 black squares closest to him or her. Black moves first. Players then alternate moves. Moves are allowed only on the black squares, so pieces always move diagonally. Single pieces are always limited to forward moves (toward the opponent). A piece making a non-capturing move (not involving a jump) may move only one square. A piece making a capturing move (a jump) leaps over one of the opponent's pieces, landing in a straight diagonal line on the other side. Only one piece may be captured in a single jump; however, multiple jumps are allowed on a single turn. When a piece is captured, it is removed from the board. If a player is able to make a capture, there is no option. the jump must be made. If more than one capture is available, the player is free to choose whichever he or she prefers. When a piece reaches the furthest row from the player who controls that piece, it is crowned and becomes a king. One of the pieces which had been captured is placed on top of the king so that it is twice as high as a single piece. Kings are limited to moving diagonally, but may move both forward and backward. Kings may combine jumps in several directions, forward and backward, on the same turn. Single pieces may shift direction diagonally during a multiple capture turn, but must always jump forward (toward the opponent). A player wins the game when the opponent cannot make a move. In most cases, this is because all of the opponent's pieces have been captured, but it could also be because all of his pieces are blocked in. With all moves, students will fill in the blanks, use photos or written prompts to use the target language. if students give the correct answer they can remain on their spot until their next turn. If students give the incorrect answer they must go back to their previous spot and wait until their next turn to try again. (Each game includes a checkers cut up sheet. All checkers games must be printed on legal size paper.)
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Prepositions of Movement with Photos 6 Board Game Bundle

Use this board game bundle to practice Prepositions of Movement grammar. Each bundle includes: 1 regular board game, 2 Battleship game cards and ships, 36 game or flash cards, 16 Tic-Tac-Toe or Bingo cards, one checkerboard game with checkers and a chutes and ladders board game for a total of 15 pages of fun! (see individual games for previews and game rules). Visit our Website for Free Samples, Special Savings and Online English Classes:


Prepositions of Movement 7 Game Plus 2 Worksheet Bundle

This Prepositions of Movement 7 Board Game plus 2 Worksheet Bundle includes 1 regular board game, 2 Battleship game cards with ships, 36 game or flash cards, 16 Tic-Tac-Toe or Bingo cards, one checkerboard game with checkers, a chutes and ladders board game, an animated board game, 3 photo color worksheets with answer key and one black and white worksheet with answer key. The bundle contains 18 printable activity pages, 2 answer key pages plus one PowerPoint Animated Game Presentation (see individual games for previews and game rules). Use the worksheets for extra classroom practice or for homework assignments and reinforce the topic with one or all of the entertaining games! Or you can try projecting the color worksheet and handout the economical black and white worksheet for your students to practice on. Check the worksheet answer keys for ideas on possible answers for the board games! And remember, Learning English Should Be Fun!



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