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Wk 8 - Tuesday - Introducing triangles!

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Wk 8 - Tuesday - Clue bank

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CreatedNov 11, 2011
UpdatedFeb 4, 2015

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    This Crime Solving mystery is bound to get your pupils invested in your lesson. Using this resource as a plenary, pupils have to use three descriptions of triangles to find the criminal triangle. A really nice classification of triangles resource for lower ability classes. Really easy to expand and come up with extra crimes too.

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    great introduction to triangles thank you

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    We loved this. myself and my class thought it to be both educational and cute. Do you have any other such material?

    • user avatarZanna83Reply from Author3 months ago

      I did something similar for an infant class recently. They loved it too! Just haven't got round to uploading it yet. Glad you and your class enjoyed it and found it useful though!

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    user avatarpoppydog933 months agoReport

    Great resource thank you

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    user avatarmossy515 months agoReport

    Love this resource! :)