PSHE and Citizenship Resources

This is just a small amount of resources that I have available. Dependent on feedback I will publish more. Please do not hesistate to contact me should you require links or corresponding resources mentioned on the lesson plans. Enjoy :)


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    user avatarJibbut7 months agoReport

    really useful - what other resources do you have? I have just taken over a department of non specialists and need as much as possible!

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    user avatarbutand9 months agoReport

    Thank you. This is useful.

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    Ive read through some of the resources and its really good. As a trainee teacher can get lesson plan for PSHE? Thanks

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    user avatarliifehouse2 years agoReport

    Thank you very much for uploading the resources. I have been asked to complete the GCSE in a year and have no experience in Citizenship or training. Would you be able to contact me regarding the PPT for the EU lesson plan? Any guidance on completing Unit 2 would be greatly appreciated.

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    user avatarAmieHart3 years agoReport

    Very useful. First time teaching Citizenship. Would it be possible to upload the powerpoint/resources for commonwealth lesson please.