Pythagoras Theorem Worksheet - KS3/GCSE

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This worksheet provides a mixture of different types of practice questions for a group who have just been introduced to Pythagoras, or a revision class - the group must be able to cope with using decimals and rounding.

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Pythagoras Theorem

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CreatedMar 5, 2011
UpdatedFeb 3, 2015

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    user avatarLudilu200210 months agoReport

    Very Helpful!

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    user avatardocmathsa year agoReport

    Very useful practice examples

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    user avatarDANGOKEa year agoReport

    Very useful. Thanks a million times

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    user avatartomctutor3 years agoReport

    Great and well done; could also maybe extend it to Pythagorean triples 3:4:5, 5:12:13 etc and if there are any more! Also could mention the relationship to surds, finally some applied problems height of towers etc. But for what it is it is a nice exercise as an introduction.

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    This is fantastic!! Currently attempting to help tutor my brother through his GCSE maths exam and this selection of exercises has increased his understanding of Pythagoras Theorem nicely! Thank you so much!

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