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Random ‘100’ square. Based on the principles of addition and subtraction using a 100 square. This small grid is a snapshot of a full 100 square grid. Click anywhere on the grid to reveal/hide numbers. A random grid - the number in the top left corner will be random anywhere between 2 given values (so can go to negatives). The step size can be changed (0.1, 1, 10, 100). Promotes counting forwards and back on in ones and tens. Good for strategies adding near multiples of 10. This also helped my class counting past 100/200 then bridging 1000. We also touched on the concept of negative numbers and patterns of decimals. Ideal for differentiated questioning. Make numbers that do the work for you! Macros will need to be enabled and analysis toolpak required for excel97-2003 version.

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using a 100 square for addition

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CreatedAug 16, 2009
UpdatedSep 9, 2014

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    user avatarfirebird252 years agoReport

    Brilliant resource! Such a helpful game for a starter/plenary when covering place value, especially as you can change the jump size. Thank you :-D

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    user avatarsezzyann5 years agoReport

    Great resource for number square practice for Year 1 upwards.

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    user avatarClairecx5 years agoReport


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    user avatarrvelvet8 years agoReport

    Wow - this is fantastic. I will be using this in the first week of term, this is so simple and so useful. I had never even thought of this as an activity, and with jumps of 10 or 100 etc is is fantastic practice for place value.

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