Raspberry Pi Noob Bookmark & Admin Cheat sheet

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Update on the Cheat sheet for more advanced students who know the basics but can't remember more advanced commands. Created a basic bookmark that contains codes and instructions for beginners to get started with the Rasp.Pi. Aimed at KS3 students with a view that the teacher can say let’s install xxx, take a look at the Bookmark… use the code I have a class set of one Pi between three students, which can use the bookmark as a reference guide. Best printed out back to back and laminated. Any typos or errors please let me know and I will correct before term starts in September.

  • Ras.Pi Noob Hacksheet.pdf
  • Admin n00bs.pdf
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Ras.Pi Noob Hacksheet

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Admin n00bs

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CreatedAug 13, 2013
UpdatedMay 12, 2014

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