ratio & proportion

This is a good resource to help learners link the ratio and proportion concepts in real life situations… It can be given as a homework to help learners reflect on their learning and to reveal any misconceptions they might have. It is good to be used to assess each learner’s understanding of the topic. It can also be used as a main/ plenary activity where learners work on their own or with others (peer assessment)….. It can be adapted at different levels to suit and to challenge learners at all levels.

Other topics covered: Numbers

Last updated Jun 22, 2014, created Aug 23, 2009
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    Thank you for this resource.

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    thank you, really useful, will use it again and again!

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    Very practical problems.

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    Good, but answers would be helpful. Crhayhurst: Criticizing those who are requesting answers need to think about why people use TES. To find resources, save time, among other resources. This resource has been viewed 64000 times. It has been reviewed 15 times. Even if only those who reviewed it actually used it, that is 15 people working out the same answers. That could be time spent making new resources. Did you also think that some people are teaching out of their subject area, supporting other areas of the school? I do, however, appreciate the resource!

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Aug 23, 2009
Jun 22, 2014

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