Reading Assessment Focus Poster

I made these, with a little inspiration from another source, to use in class. These posters/flashcards have been created to use in whole class setting, guided reading and 1-1. You will see the wording is a little different for Year 1, Year 2/3 and KS2. They visually look the same so there is continuity throughout the school. The poster pages can be joined together to make an A3 poster. The flashcards - print back to back. The children have actions for each of these skills. I use them as a visual prompt in guided sessions so they know what 'reading' skill we are using.


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    user avatarNJB833 years agoReport

    This has saved me time with an AR display - thank you!

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    user avatarhoppy1234 years agoReport

    This has proven to be a good visual aid to have to remind both myself and my pupils of the key reading skills (which relate to each AF). A very handy resource, thanks!

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    user avatarPlux5 years agoReport

    These are great, thank you! Sending them home to the parents of my struggling readers so they have more of an idea of what to help them with - great resource.