Religious experience: moses, st paul, modern

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Leveled LOs - what is a rel exp.? Can we accept things we haven't experienced ourselves? Explain what a rel. exp. is with ref to examples. Hyperlink to moon landings (prev. HWk) Why do people disbelieve it DESPITE different types of evidence? What does that say about belief + evidence we'll accept? Ref to moses & st paul from prev. lesson + a research task on one of : Cat Stevens, Angelina Jolie, Johnny Cash or George Foreman. I'm trying to build in key skills such as 'explain' in year 9 to prep for GCSE - hence the time given to this skill in last few slides. Feel free to adapt. :-)

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CreatedOct 27, 2011
UpdatedOct 7, 2013

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    user avatarfionamnye18 days agoReport

    A great resource! Thank you!

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    user avatartubbstera year agoReport

    Great activities from this I can use to improve my lesson. The sweet idea is brilliant!

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    user avatarShelley783 years agoReport

    Great! Thanks - some excellent ideas here. I'll tweak it a little for my year 10 class but so helpful!

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    user avatarJodiP5 years agoReport

    I love the task involving eating the sweet - I am definitley going to use this the next time I cover religious experiences. It is something that should really help the pupils remember! The rest of the pp is clear and concise and full of AFL