An extremely flexible and customiseable report writer / feedback generator, which has personally saved me a great deal of time in writing end-of-year reports. A large selection of downloadable comment bank files are available, covering a growing range of subjects and age groups. Life-saver during that 'special time of year'. The comment bank could easily be adapted to use as a marking / feedback tool for exercise books or any other assessments. (This is a web app - follow the link in the "WEB-LINK" file or click on the link in the "information" document).


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    This is definitely worth it when you have a ton of Key Stage 3 students to report on at the same time! It is incredibly helpful, and you can continue editing the comment banks to support you throughout the year.

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    user avataremmagera year agoreport

    Once you have put in the hard work and created a comment bank, further reports will be easy and save time. A great app.

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    Very useful and flexible. Bit complex to set up initially, but worth it.

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    Incredibly useful and flexible. Thanks.

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    user avatarpeanut14a year agoreport

    Brilliant! just need to practice more with it