Rock, Rock Cycle and Minerals _ A Unit Plan with Worksheets
Rock, Rock Cycle and Minerals".

This unit in the form of PDF file includes engaging, colorful, informative, visually stimulating and eye-catching photos and diagrams as per the topic need which rarely fails to stimulate a lively class discussion.

It is made to be both informative and visually stimulating for all students. It consists of 35 slides which are colorful. Pictures and diagrams are included that will greatly enhance your instruction to your students. It also provides basic information about rock, types of rock and rock cycle and minerals. Your students will enjoy it. Please view the Preview File to obtain a sense of my style.

At the end of the whole unit 13 worksheets are given to assess or do the review for the students. The students will really enjoy the exercises and will help them to decide how much they have understood.
Included in the package is:
• What is a rock and minerals?
Difference between rock and minerals
Importance of rocks to human beings
Identifying the minerals
• 3 Main Rock Types
• Igneous rocks and its types
• IGNEOUS-Extrusive
• IGNEOUS-Intrusive
• Sedimentary rocks and its types
• Metamorphic rocks
Difference between magma and lava
• The Rock Cycle (relations between natural processes and rock)describing effect of heat ,weather and pressure in formation of rocks.
Uses of rocks

If you have any questions or would like to sample a unit for quality please email me and I will gladly assist you any way I can. Thank you for your time and interest in this unit. Thank you in advance for rating and commenting on this unit. Please be specific when you comment so that other teachers know why you rated it the way you did. It also helps me become a better teacher and seller.

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