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Ancient Rome PowerPoint with Video Clips and Presenter Notes covers the rise of Rome from a republic to an empire, the birth of Christianity and Rome's fall. Ancient Rome PowerPoint is packed with maps, primary source documents, stunning visuals, and embedded video links, everything you need to keep your students engaged.

This 30 slide PowerPoint also includes presenter notes that aid your understanding of each slide and can act as a cheat sheet for details you may forget. Some slides have maps and discussion questions to help engage your students.

Save some money & make it easy on yourself by grabbing this amazing product, along with the entire Ancient Rome unit including PowerPoint warmups, worksheets, lesson plans, review and assessment. Get Ancient Rome Unit Bundled.

Topics Covered
Geography of the Mediterranean
Rise of the the Republic
- Latins, Greeks, Etruscans
- Republic
- Patricians, Plebeians, Slaves
- Twelve Tables (Twelve Tablets)
- Consuls, Senate, Dictator
- Legion
- Punic Wars
- Hannibal
- Imperialism
Fall of the Republic
- Julius Caesar
- Octavian/Augustus Caesar
- Pax Romana
- Caligula, Nero
- Trajan, Hadrian
- Marcus Aurelius
- Hadrian’s Wall
Roman Achievement
- Greco-Roman culture
- mosaic
- engineering
- aqueducts
- colosseum
- Galen
- Roman Law
Rise of Christianity
- Judea
- Jewish Revolt
- Messiah
- Jesus
- Christianity
- Paul
- martyr
- Emperor Constantine
- Edict of Milan
- Emperor Theodosius
- Pope, Bishops, Patriarchs
-Roman Catholic Church v. Eastern Orthodox Church
Fall of Rome
- causes of Rome’s Fall
- German Barbarians

• Ancient Rome Video Questions - Youtube Video Link included
• Fall of Rome Mini-Book Project
• The Punic Wars & Roman Imperialism Infotext Analysis
• Bread and Circuses Infotext & Primary Source Analysis
• Persecution of Christians in Rome Primary Source Activity
• Romulus & Remus Myth, Roman Religion, Education & Social Classes
• Rome Crossword Puzzle Review
• Ancient Rome Unit Bundled

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