S-Cubed Bundle!  How to teach Sight Singing to Middle School Beginners

How to Teach Sight Singing to Middle School Beginners

Find out what the buzz is all about. Find out why it's helped beginning teachers have success. Find out why it has rejuvenated the veteran teacher's classroom. Find out why band and orchestra teachers who've been asked to teach chorus use S-Cubed in their classrooms. It's not a book. It's the 21st century way to learn to improve your teaching of sight singing in your classroom!

Endorsed and used by the Choral program in Durham School of the Arts in Durham, NC, and programs around the world!

Think of the S-Cubed Sight Singing system as a workshop-lesson plan combination that includes video teaching links and video teaching tip links to help buyers have at their fingertips many varied tools to help them teach sight singing to their middle school beginners successfully.

Please read all of the descriptions of the individual lessons, including the free samples, in my store to completely grasp what S-Cubed is all about.

Thank you in advance, and thank you for your interest and care in the time you take to read before purchasing.

Recognize what the children don't know. Don't fault them for not knowing it... Then, teach it to them in a fun way they will remember forever. ...That's the philosophy of S-Cubed.

These lessons are intended to last 10-15 minutes per day and function as your sight singing lesson.

This offering includes the full 27 lesson set of S-Cubed-Successful Sight Singing System for Middle School Teachers and their Students. By purchasing this bundle, you are committing to teaching your young beginners how to sight sing and so much more!

…and with purchasing the 27-lesson full bundle rather than individual lessons or five-lesson bundles, it is more economical as well! If you purchase each lesson separately.

When you finish teaching the full S-Cubed system, your students will be able to sight sing 2-part examples that include syncopated rhythms and difficult skips. …And the benefits are far greater than sight singing. After completing the process, you will be able to send your students off into groups to learn much of their music a cappella on their own because they will have a large number of tools in their tool belt to help them be independently successful.

The philosophical lessons we teach in the S-Cubed process are much greater than singing an eight measure two-part sight singing example a cappella in five minutes, and that is one of the biggest reasons the S-Cubed Sight Singing process is enormously rewarding for the teacher as well as the students. In this method, we get to engage our personalities as we tea



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