Sample Whole School Behaviour Policy

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Every school should have a policy on behaviour. Use this as a starting point, and most importantly, make it fit with your school, your pupils, and your vision. This policy is composed of several school policies, and is not intended to be prescriptive or exhaustive. Good luck

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Sample school behaviour policy Bennett

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CreatedMay 28, 2011
UpdatedNov 18, 2013

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    brilliant thank you

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    Thank you for making this available, just what I need for my course work

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    user avatarjulialynnw3 years agoReport

    Will help when I am teaching my child care groups about behaviour and policies-thanks

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    user avatarbdumayne4 years agoReport

    Very good basis thank you. Particularly like the expectations of all stakeholders

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    user avatarkashifm646 years agoReport

    Cheers Tom - I am reviewing the school's current behaviour and the sample has given me a baseline to start from.