Revision activity on Reading Scales and Converting Units of measure. Differentiated from Level 3 to 5 tasks, including 'checking understanding&' levelled SAT questions. Starter activity for sorting units into groups and talking about relationship between units. See for further ideas and resources about teaching mathematics.


  • Checking Understanding Answers.rtf
  • Checking Understanding Questions.pdf
  • Main Task Questions.pdf
  • Measures and Scales.flipchart
  • Units of Measure - Starter cards.pdf
  • Interactive Scales and Measures.swf

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105 Reviews

  • 5
    user avatarmrswills13 months agoreport

    My students can never revise this too often! Thank you.

  • 4
    user avatarkwalker7375 months agoreport

    Very good resource. Helpful,preparing KS3 pupils converting units.

  • 5Recommended
    user avatarmissblilley9 months agoreport

    This is a really nicely put together lesson, with a number of different tasks to keep pupils interested. Ranging from matching cards, to reading scales and looking at converting units. Thank you

  • 5
    user avatarOldPaula year agoreport

    Concise, clear and very useful. Thanks

  • 5
    user avatarbghaia year agoreport

    Brilliant resources. Thank you very much.