This pack consists of an online version and a printable version of a maths game that can be played using a variety of strategies of numbers between 1- 100 or 10-1000.

This maths game can be used with strategies such as, knowing groupings within 100 or 1000; know multiplication and division facts; know Basic Facts; place value

Students work in pairs with a game board each playing ‘Hider’ and ‘Seeker’.
There is an online version created in Google Slides where both students hide their sea animals and seek by asking each other questions based around place value, multiplication and division and/or addition or subtraction. In the printed out version, one is the hider who has to answer the questions and the other is the seeker who has to create the questions. These printed out sheets will need to be laminated.
This game could also be played in a group situation where the group are the hiders and one player is the seeker asking the questions. The winner would be the one whose animals are all found.

This package contains

2 files
One a printout version of the game
One PDF Instructions with links to 2 Google Slide versions 1-100 and 10-100


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  • Seek-and-Find-Board-Game.pdf
  • Seek-and-Find-Sea-Animals-Google-Slides-Instructions.pdf

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