Shakespeare Context WebQuest - An Elizabethan Teen

A resource that can be used to provide an introduction to Shakespearean times. It prompts the student to research this period using a series of web-links and write an essay on their fictional time travels to 1599.


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    user avatarGini210 months agoReport

    I can't seem to open any of the links. Can anyone help?

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    user avataresilk903 years agoReport

    Awesome interactive idea! Thanks for sharing.

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    user avatartennyk4 years agoReport

    Love the idea. A brilliant and an active way for the students to research and learn about Elizabethan age.

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    user avatarsohnee6 years agoReport

    Rachael. Thanks for the lovely comments; I love giving my students interesting projects to work, hoping to instill in them the same passion I feel for a particular writer or work. I hope your students find the same.

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    Fantastic. This is a fantastic project. I am just starting out on my teaching career and needed some background information on Elizabethan Life before tackling Shakespeare with my Year 10s. I feel like I have been on the journey of an Elizabethan teenager myself! I have learnt tons from the websites included. Thank you!

Jun 30, 2009
Dec 19, 2015

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