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Sharing with ratios - bar modelling

A (fast paced) FULL LESSON on sharing and comparing with ratios using with bar modelling and fractions.

Assumed prior knowledge:

  • Converting between metric measures.
  • Fractions of amounts.

We are learning about: Sharing with ratios.
We are learning to: Use ratios to compare and share amounts.

Differentiated objectives:

  • Developing learners will be able to share an amount into a given ratio.
  • Secure learners will be able to use a ratio to compare given amounts and totals.
  • Excelling learners will be able to solve unfamiliar problems using their knowledge of using ratios to compare and share amounts.

Starter: Express ratios as 1:n. Match up equivalent ratios (standard shade in the grid activity).

  • 2 examples: (Ex1) finding fractions and ratio in simplest form, (Ex2) Bar modelling to share ratio.
  • Standard questions on sharing amounts with bar model provided.
  • Two more examples: comparing amounts using the bar model.
  • Worded questions increasing in difficulty (with solutions).

Plenary: Combining a:b and b:c to a:b:c.


  • Booklet with all questions provided as worksheet to stick in books.

Any feedback is appreciated!


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Creative Commons "Sharealike"