Simpsons family tree

Word document and powerpoint version of a Simpsons family tree for introducing/practising members of the family. In French and Spanish, could be adapted for other languages.


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  • meljcov3 years agoReport

    Great resource, thanks. The only thing: "l'arbre de famille" is not French, you say "l'arbre genealogique" -with accents.

  • shaid196 years agoReport

    cheers... at a time where APP and Trget setting takes 5 hours every night- this is a godsend!

  • figra6 years agoReport

    Very useful, and fun too! Thanks!

  • ok. its not in french

  • mpc7 years agoReport

    FANTASTICO. Lovely - my bottom set Y7 will love this. I've put in a footer with the key words to help them a bit!