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This activity was developed when working on employability skills and identifying that many learners were unaware and / or unable to say what they were good at. Many learners also struggled to engage with peers outside of their friendship group.

The activity encourages positive interaction between learners, makes it easier to discuss personal strengths, and if done effectively, nurtures positive self esteem.

The activity consists of a range of 12 editible ‘bingo cards’. Instructions are below and included in the word document.

You will need
One bingo sheet per learner (there are 12 different cards provided, so you may need to print more than one set).
One pen per learner
Invite learners to verbally contribute a range of skills we use in school / college, especially those that will also apply in the work place.
Discuss the difficulties we often have in identifying and verbalising our own skills. E.g. We are taught not to show off, so it feels uncomfortable doing what might be seen as boasting.
Explain that in preparing for employment (CV writing, application forms and interviews) we need to gain an understanding of our own strengths and weaknesses and then be able to explain them to others.
**Teacher Demonstration: **
• Pick one skill listed in the 3x3 table. Look around the class for someone who has that skill.
• Approach the learner and tell them “I think you have this skill, because…”
• Ask the learner to sign their name in the relevant box on your sheet.
• Ask the learner to record the same skill in the 3x2 table at the bottom of their page. They have now “collected a skill / compliment”.

  1. Learners should now do the same, mixing with others in the group, paying them compliments by telling them what skills they have noticed.
  2. Each learner records the skills they have collected, potentially building confidence and self-awareness.
    Teacher notes:
    • Promote positive relationship building, build confidence by getting each learner noticed and encourage social etiquette in responding to compliments.
    • Encourage participation, aiming for the first to get 3 in a row, full house etc.
    • If some learners are not getting matches, lead the activity by reading out (or thinking of your own) skills and giving all learners the chance to claim them.
    The activity continues until one person has 6-9 different names on their sheet and all learners have 6 of their own skills identified.
    Extension activity: Develop employability vocabulary e.g. Do you know a better word for “being on time?”
    Follow up activity: Start or build on own CV by downloading and editing a skills-based-cv-template.


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