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Coming from a creative and technical background I had been able to create a number of resources (mostly Secondary English based) that make the best use of technology and provide sustainable resources that you will use again and again.

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pdf, 848.06 KB
English teachers are the worst for mnemonics and acronyms. Particularly, since the likes of AFOREST PIE and MOPSA never actually cater for the needs of the students. Is that P for Personification or Pathetic Fallacy? That S, is it for Similes or Senses? Do you even know if they can remember both?

Try SOAPMAPS instead. It's a far simpler approach to understanding what techniques make work more creative:
Pathetic Fallacy

Now the students can use the language devices to "clean-up their narrative direction".
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2 years ago

Brilliant graphics and clear examples. When you piece the examples together they describe a map which can then leads onto encouraging the students to write a piece of descriptive writing entitled 'Treasure Island'. Great work and thank you for sharing.

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