Booklet of notes covering sociological methods, designed for the old SCLY2 Specification.


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    user avatarVonPaulus9 months agoreport

    A lot of really useful and concise information, with great 'Exam Focus' questions at the end of each section (varying mark questions from 2, through 4, to 20). My only question is: What should go on Page 9 where it is blank apart from 'Ken Browne scan'? I appreciate if you can't include copyright material, but could you say either in the product or in its description what should go there / which page of Ken Browne is being referred to etc.? Many thanks! :-)

    • user avatarStevenRSReply from Author8 months ago

      Hi. There is a diagram in Ken Browne's AS textbook which lay outs the different stages of research design. I just copied that and stuck it in to give an overview. Hope that helps. Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated! :)