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Full lesson presentation, video and class tasks covering how the iconic sounds were created for the Star Wars films. This lesson comes with embedded videos and listening exercises to engage learners and acts as a great introduction into sound design in the film industry.

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Music and Sound Design in Films - LESSON BUNDLE-with Distance Learning

These lectures and supporting classroom resources form a full library of material covering how Music and Sound are used within films and television. This covers the full comprehensive history of the development of sound in film from 1890 all the way to modern surround sound cinemas. Moreover, the resources coves the use of Music and Sound in films, the different forms that this takes and the full development of Foley and Sound FXs. There is a massive range of interactive lessons and presentations that would be excellent for Film Studies, Multimedia classes and Film/Audio Production. The resources within this bundle would easily cover a full term's worth of work and could be used for GCSE, NCFE, A-Level and BTEC level 1, 2 and 3 course framework. Music and Sound Design in Films – FULL LIBRARY: **[- 1 – History of Sound in Film:](** A massive lesson that details the full history of film and audio technology. All the way from silent movies to modern 4K, surround sound cinemas. all the (Presentation, infographics, video, worksheets, revision notes and class exercises). **[- 2 – How Sound is Used in Films:](** Class covers these key areas in detail; Importance of Sound and music in Film, Diegetic and Non-Diegetic Sound, Film Dialogue, Voice Overs, Film Score/Musical Soundtracks and lots more. (Presentation, video, worksheets, revision notes and class exercises). **[- 3 – Sound Design in Star Wars:](** A really and interactive lesson that in detail covers some of the imaginative ways sound was created and shaped for the Star Wars films. (Presentation, video, Listening worksheets and revision notes). **[- 4 – Foley and Sound FXs in Films:](** Learn about Film Ambience, Foley sound design and other sound FXs used in modern filming. The class covers these key areas in detail; On location sound recording in film production, Recording dialogue when on location, What is ADR in films (with class task/exercise), Why use ARD in film production, Post-production sound FXs (Ambience, Library Sounds and Foley), Film Ambience, Film Library Sounds and lots more. (Presentation, video, worksheets, revision notes and class exercises). **[- 5 – Creating Music for Film:](** A detailed lesson with 3 class worksheets, into Composing Music for films and the people that write music for films. All the professional roles within the industry, and common music writing techniques for moving image. **[- 6 – Music and Sound within Horror Films:](** This lesson and supporting resources provide an extremely detailed account of Sound Design and Music used within the horror film genre. It covers a very wide range of horror films and even looks into the development of music within horror throughout the decades, from early cinema to the modern horror movie. The presentation/lecture covers a VERY wide range that of what makes sounds and music scary; why do people like horror movies, the main film conventions of horror movies, Nonlinear & Infrasound, the Ghost Frequency, how Jump Scares are used, Character Motifs & Leitmotif and Common Instruments used. Moreover, Minor Keys & Dissonance, used of Juxtaposition, Minor Keys & Dissonance and Rhythmic Pulses. Comes with Presentation (.pdf, PowerPoint and Google Slides™ versions) **[-7 - Film Sound Terminology-Reference:](** This lesson and supporting resources provide an extremely detailed account of sound and audio terms used throughout the film/television production. **[BONUS FILE - Glossary of Music Technology](** This bundle even comes with a free Bonus E-BOOK "Glossary of Music Technology": This e-book covers a wide range of terms and vocabulary for Music and Music Technology. The list is extensive and with great detail on a full list of useful terms, each with an easy and straightforward definition. The resources within this bundle would easily cover a full term's worth of work and could be used for GCSE, NCFE, A-Level and BTEC Levels 1, 2, 3 and UAL course frameworks. (United Kingdom). **In this package:** - Lectures (6 full lessons/presentations, each linking together, providing a full scheme of work for teaching) These also come with Powerpoint and Google Slide versions to Save and Share within your own Google Drive. - WORKSHEETS – All the lessons and presentations come with worksheets (with teacher answers) that link with the lesson and aid learning throughout. - HOMEWORK – again many of the lessons also come with additional learning research and homework tasks, also with answers sheets to support. - REVISION + INFOGRAPHIC - There are also additional worksheets to aid student learning and allow for revising. - AUDIO EXAMPLES– some of the presentations and lessons also have connected audio examples that support the lesson. - Video (each presentation also comes in video form, used for student revision)



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