Spanish festival – San Fermín

This 13 slide PowerPoint presentation is the thirty-first in a series of 33 resources to introduce opinions, reasons for opinions, and some of the geography & festivals of Spain. Reading material (audio as well as video embedded) with information and pictures about the festival of San Fermín. This time to summarise pupils must produce their own answers to the questions they have seen in the previous 3 resources. Opportunity for creative design project at end.


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  • Me encantan la calidad del sonido y las fotos. ¡Genial!

  • redtelephone7 months agoReport

    Brilliant (although I'm struggling to get the video working) - thank you so much for sharing.

  • LaureS10 months agoReport

    absolutely wonderful.

  • celiagmm2 years agoReport

    Very good resource and very useful for letting the kids know about Spanish festivals and traditions. ¡Excelente! Gracias Celia

  • norapasc2 years agoReport