Spanish Pairs Game - Como te llamas?

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Card match up game – children have 1 half of a couple eg. Minnie & Mickey. (I cut them out and laminate so they last longer) Children can walk around the class (or sit in a circle) and ask 'Como te llamas?' to which another child answers 'Me llamo...' and if they match then they check their pair matches with an adult and sit down together. Could also add 'Y tu?' if the children are able.

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Spanish pairs game

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CreatedJan 6, 2013
UpdatedSep 26, 2014

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    user avatarsandraleroy3 months agoReport

    I was looking for an activity to use with my older students (8th graders) with younger (4th graders). Can't wait to try it out!

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    user avatarsheelrose9 months agoReport

    Great idea. Thanks

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    user avatarjackiwatson10 months agoReport

    Fantastic idea - my pupils really enjoyed this activity! Thanks for sharing

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    Brilliant idea, love it!

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    user avatarashthack2 years agoReport

    Lovely, thank you

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