A set of printable cards with spelling rules for the following sounds ai/ay, oi/oy, ou/ow, j/ge/dge, v/ve and ss/ce. This is the first in a whole set of resources that will be built up over time. There is a choice of Sassoon or Open Dyslexia font and the resources are created in dyslexia friendly colour schemes. This resource is text only - one with image support will be added at a later date.


  • Spelling Rules Set 1.pdf
  • Spelling Rules Set 1 Open Dyslexic Font.pdf

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    user avatarSilviaCh9 months agoreport

    Fantastic work! Thank you!

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    user avatarsbryden110 months agoreport

    wonderful thank you

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    user avatarAdhilaa year agoreport

    great effort
    waiting to share with my friends

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    user avatarQuiz2015a year agoreport

    Thank you for sharing this resource

  • 5
    user avatarLilacjaysa year agoreport

    Great resource, really helped me understand what I need to be explaining to my 7 year old son, thank you