Created a simple powerpoint story of Rama and Sita for my nursery class. telling children what happened to Rama and Sita and why they celebrate Diwali today.


  • The Story of Rama and Sita powerpoint.pptx
  • The_Story_of_Rama_and_Sita_powerpoint.ppt

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    user avatarkath28452 years agoreport

    princessconsuelabananahammock1 You need to download the resource to get the whole story - if you just click on the arrows above you can only see the title page :)

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    This is a fantastic resource however, could anyone give me any advice on to how to actually read the story? As the only thing I can see is the title of the story repeated 5 times on the slides.

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    Thanks so much for sharing :)

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    user avatarshree135 years agoreport

    Excellent story for me to re-tell nursery aged children. Thankyou