The rest of my resources on Berlie Doherty’s ‘Street Child’. I teach a Year 4/5 class so it’s a mixture of the text-based unit and stories with historical settings. I hope it’s useful to someone!

See Week 1 for additional resources.


  • Street Child - my planning.doc
  • Shrimps outline.doc
  • Story Map - JIm.doc
  • vocab - Goa group.doc
  • words and phrases chart.doc
  • Day 11.notebook
  • Day 12.notebook
  • Day 13.notebook
  • Day 14.notebook
  • Day 15.notebook
  • Day 16.notebook
  • Gavin's Diary Entry Writing Success Criteria.doc
  • Ash Diary Entry Writing Success Criteria.doc

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    user avatarvikifox3 months agoreport

    Thanks for this excellent planning

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    user avatarpjc442 years agoreport

    I am researching what resources are available to support overworked teachers. This will be a good help. Thank you.

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    user avatarandypenn3 years agoreport

    Thanks, a great resource :-)

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    Thank you for sharing your hard work - it has saved me hours of planning!