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A relatively short questionnaire to get students thinking about how they work academically. I made it for my year 9 tutor group to complete at the start of the year. The students have to decide how they match up to a list of characteristics e.g. I complete and hand in my homework on time. The idea is that the list of characteristics are those shown by successful students. The aim is then to compile a short list of strengths and areas to improve. Could be done as a class or small groups with discussion. It is not exhaustive but I find stuents get put off by long questionnaires.


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    user avatarwatt2 years agoreport

    Very helpful- thanks for sharing!

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    user avatarnebthenoob4 years agoreport

    Like this - simple but effective

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    Really good for getting students to start thinking about school based skills relate to the workplace

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    Thank you for sharing your resource. This resource has been recommended by the TES Resource Team and will feature in the Secondary newsletter.