Edexcel Government and Politics Ideologies LiberalismQuick View

Edexcel Government and Politics Ideologies Liberalism

Lessons on Ideologies as a whole and Liberalism as a topic for the Edexcel 2017 spec. I teach Liberalism first because it makes MUCH more sense since it was developed first as an Ideology and Conservatism was a response to it. This bundle includes the first 5 lessons (2 hours each) intro and activities, Core Values with independent research (uses hand outs from Pearson and Haywood book) and Explanation of the Core Values but you could use some of the slides if you don’t have the textbook. Lesson 5 ends up developing a plan for the essay: To what extent do Liberals agree on the State? (24 marks) I taught these lessons to my Year 13 class and they worked really well for discussion. Also includes some embedded videos and worksheets.
Comparative Government and PoliticsQuick View

Comparative Government and Politics

Revision articles and materials for exam comparing similarities and differences between the US and UK political systems - can be combined into a revision booklet for pupils or used individually to supplement lesson materials.


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FULL, DETAILED ESSAY PLANS FOR ALL OF UK POLITICS AND GOVERNMENT This bundle covers all chapters within UK Politics and Government with nearly 100 (!) essay plans on all the content: (UK Politics) Democracy and Participation Political Parties Electoral Systems Voting Behaviour and the Media (UK Government) Constitution Parliament PM and Executive Relations Between Institutions Revise this and know all the content you need for exams! (A Level Politics Edexcel)
Government PoliticsQuick View

Government Politics

A detailed lesson about the make up of the different government departments and public bodies including QUANGOs (E.G Ofsted) . PowerPoint Lesson for Citizenship Studies. (60-120 Minutes worth of Material) suitable for KS3 or KS4 students. Learning Outcomes: Secure: -To study the way in which the Government is organised and structures Extended: -To understand the role of different government departments Advanced: To explore the variety of public bodies, agencies and corporations that work alongside Government Departments Made by a team of Specialist Practicing Humanities Teachers as part of one of the leading PSHE & Citizenship Resource Providers in the UK - Cre8tive Resources . What is included in this product? Fully editable 23 slide PowerPoint Lesson 60-120 minutes Student 20 Exit Tickets Student Campaign sheet Student activity Sheets Political information sheet Answer Keys: Student input creates some of the answers. Product Code CIT/C8/LS/85 Description of Product Ready-to-Use pack of classroom activities will enthuse and engage students! This lesson material is designed to be used for between one and two teaching periods and includes; activities, challenging and thoughtful questions, student hand-out (for use during lesson or as a homework), embedded URL links (where appropriate), differentiated tasks and, all relevant information to help students learn about issues relating to the topic. N.B This lesson can be taught with no printing (For those on tight budgets :) Our Philosophy We aim to help you equip students with the knowledge and skills to take ownership of their own learning. Products come ‘Ready-to-Teach’ with everything you need to teach fun and creative lessons. Our products are teacher-designed, classroom tested & student approved. With over 600 Citizenship and PSHE Products to pick from why not try looking at one of these: British Values Quiz Comparing electoral systems Voting systems and electoral reform GCSE CItizenship UNIT What is Identity
Presentation on Socialism (A Level Government & Politics / History)Quick View

Presentation on Socialism (A Level Government & Politics / History)

Comprehensive Presentation that Covers: Socialism Definitions, Socialism and Human Nature, Socialist Values, Social Class, Class Conflict, Socialism vs. Capitalism, Equality, Key Concepts of Socialism, Social Justice, Problems with Social Justice, Class Conflict, Collectivism, State Socialism, Why Utopia Failed, Social History (1640-1740), Social History (1740-1830), Charles and Robert, Karl Marx, Marxism, Marx’s Three Categories, Orthodox Marxism, Modern Marxism, Modern Marxism, Revisionism, Revolution Not Evolution, How Socialism Works, Types of Socialism, Revolutionary Socialism, Evolutionary Revolutionary Socialism, Fabians, Democratic Socialists as well as Capitalism and Socialism.
Introduction to AS Government and PoliticsQuick View

Introduction to AS Government and Politics

The enclosed resources provide for a series of Introduction activities to AS Government and Politics, as well as an updated presentation on issues involving participation in the Political process. Whilst some of it is a bit personal (i.e. cheesy headings, please feel free to adapt as best you feel to your own lessons).
Governing Britain - Political PartiesQuick View

Governing Britain - Political Parties

Full lesson on the different political parties in the UK with activities. Works best if students have access to the internet to do individual research but info can be printed off if needed.
Government and Politics Assessment - CitizenshipQuick View

Government and Politics Assessment - Citizenship

Citizenship resources: Complete 1 hour assessment with starter intro, grading sheet and test paper Give 15 mins complete and go through starter and explain gradings. Give 45 mins for assessment paper. Suitable for KS3/4 easily adapted for either Designed to fit Ofsted criteria for' Good' or above ALSO - Leave me a review and I'll send you a resource of your choice for free.
Regional Government Politics ParliamentQuick View

Regional Government Politics Parliament

Can be used for a series of lessons exploring regional governments and devolution in the UK. Series of Worksheet forming a large Work Booklet of Classroom-Ready Activities. Suitable for KS4 and KS3 Humanities Students (Focus Citizenship). The learning objectives for this series of worksheets are: To study the devolved powers of national governments in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland To understand the timeline of devolution in the UK To evaluate whether England should have its own national government Product Code:CIT/C8/WB/60 Product Contents: o Contemporary case studies around this topic Easily 4-8+ Hours Worth of material to chose from o A clear focus on key terms and literacy-based activities o Differentiated Exam Questions and Practice o Ready-to-use student worksheets designed to be written on o A wide range of activities, to suit all types of learners. o Minimal preparation required – o Discussion activities included in with every case study, challenging your most able students Positive wellbeing posters o Links to online digital and flipped learning activities Our Philosophy We aim to help you equip students with the knowledge and skills to take ownership of their own learning. Our Citizenship and PSHE 2020 Products come ‘Ready-to-Teach’ with everything you need to teach fun and creative lessons. Our products are teacher-designed, classroom tested & student approved. JUST PRINT AND GO! They can also be used to encourage a flipped learning environment. Be PSHE 2020 Ready with our Cre8tive Curriculum resources! Join our Facebook group of nearly 1,000 Primary and Secondary PSHE Teachers and School Leaders here Or join our Citizenship and British Values Facebook Group here And visit our Website for more great offers, free products and a basket facility
Politics + UK GovernmentQuick View

Politics + UK Government

Updated for 2019 General Election! A short unit of 4 hours of fully resourced lessons and a quiz. All very detailed and well differentiated, complete with starters, worksheets, clips, with challenge levels to three grades throughout. What is democracy? How does the voting system work in the UK and what are general elections? Who are Parliament? What do they actually do and how are the Houses of Parliament split up? How are laws created and passed? How does an act become a law? What are the origins of UK democracy? How did our political system come to be? What are MPs and constituents? What do they do? What are all the roles that make up the UK government? A fun political quiz to see where your political sympathies lie and which party you would be likely to vote for. Suitable for KS3/4 but could be adapted. I use all of these myself as a Head of Citizenship and I really hope you find them excellent value. You can find many more inexpensive and free PSHE, Citizenship GCSE, RSE and RE resources at my shop: EC_Resources Leave me a review and pick any other resource for free :)
Government and Politics debate sheetsQuick View

Government and Politics debate sheets

These sheets give some information for both sides of the question and allow students to start off the basics to their debate. They can use supplementary information to continue to bolster their ideas. This can be used as a Whole lesson (other material will be needed) starter or plenary activity . It can also be used as the basis to run lunch/ after school debate clubs. These sheets cover The role of Government, the Monarchy and some of the questions around them. To start debates - you might want to look for my debate time powerpoint.
Government and Politics/CitizenshipQuick View

Government and Politics/Citizenship

There are a few resources and links that could be used in citizenship and Government and Politics with the promise of much more for Autumn term. Worth keeping an eye on.
AQA Government and Politics - Election SystemsQuick View

AQA Government and Politics - Election Systems

4 Resources
A bundle of lessons with worksheets and powerpoint’s to support the teaching of AQA government and politics - UK. To be used in conjunction with Hodder Education’s Fifth Edition UK book.
UK Politics + GovernmentQuick View

UK Politics + Government

4 Resources
British Values Citizenship / SMSC resources: 5x fully resourced lessons all complete with starters, worksheets, clips, well differentiated to three levels. These highly-rated lessons all focus on democracy, politics and participation. Also included 4x information packs on UK political parties with comprehension questions, suitable for Tutor Time or Citizenship lessons. Suitable for KS3/4 but could be adapted. I use all of these myself as a Head of Citizenship and I really hope you find them excellent value. Many more inexpensive and free PSHE, RSE and GCSE CItizenship resources at my shop: EC_Resources Leave me a review and pick any other resource for free :)
Development of Liberalism - Government & PoliticsQuick View

Development of Liberalism - Government & Politics

This is a full lesson for the development of Liberalism which is part of the political ideologies topic for A2 with Edexcel. This is a fully adaptable resource to suit the needs of any teacher and already has some differentiated resources available for use. This would also be suitable for GCSE but would language used would need editing and tasks would need to be reviewed. This package includes a PowerPoint, lesson plan, worksheet, and differentiated activity. As part of the presentation there is also a 'mini-lecture' aspect which has all the information necessary on the slides. Please do rate and review if you purchase; if you have any suggestions also please let me know via comments or contact me on Twitter.