Top Trump cards depicting superheroes - their statistics correlate (e.g: height / weight or fame / salary etc.) and can be used to plot scatter graphs. I have used these by giving each pupil a hero card, then done a human scatter graph. They then created their own hero card (making sure their statistics fit the correlations shown on the graph sheets). They could also be used for calculating averages, sampling techniques..... and playing top trumps! N.B - original spreadsheet from another TES user.


  • Superhero Trumpcards Deck.pdf
  • Superhero Trumpcards Deck.xls
  • Superhero Trumpcards Large.pdf
  • Superhero Trumpcards Large.xls
  • top trumps scatter graphs with lobf.doc
  • top trumps scatter graphs.doc
  • Pupil sheet.docx
  • Super Hero Top-Trumps.flipchart
  • Super Hero Top-Trumps.pdf
  • Super Hero Top-Trumps.pptx

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20 Reviews

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    user avatardzila year agoreport

    Interesting, looks great for mainstream, but not really useful for my students with SLD.

    • user avatarnyima_drayangReply from Authora year ago

      Yes you're right; it's not intended for SLD. Having said that, I've used it successfully with my bottom set year 8 (with some adaptions of course).

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    user avatarcol_ush64a year agoreport

    This is a great resource. Thank you for sharing it. It is really enjoyable for the students to use and a novel way of looking at scatter graphs for them. :)

    • user avatarnyima_drayangReply from Authora year ago

      Thanks - to be honest I probably had just as much (geeky) fun making the data correlate and learning the excel formulas to make it work : D

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    Thanks very much for sharing this. It is an impressive resource. I'm going to use it.

  • 5

    Really enjoyed this resource and students liked forming theories about what variable indicated success for a superhero.
    My kids also designed their own trump card with the idea that it would be a valuable card without being ridiculous - in that it wouldn't trump every category.

    • user avatarnyima_drayangReply from Authora year ago

      Great - I like the direction you took this in. Always interesting to see what pupils come up with as well.

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    user avataringridu3 years agoreport

    What a great resource. Thanks for sharing