Superheroes - Comics in the Classroom. Writing unit.
With the new Avengers Endgame movie taking the box office by storm now's the perfect time to capture the interest of your students with a superhero themed creative writing resource. After all, who doesn't love a superhero? Pay homage to the legend that was Stan Lee by teaching your students all about the world of superheroes that he loved. With Joker, Dark Phoenix, and a new Spiderman movie all hitting cinema screens this year, comic book fever is gripping the world. Use this full stocked lesson pack to heat up your classroom. Although it might seem strange to ditch Dickens for Marvel or Shakespeare for DC, there's more to these popular publications than meets the eye. Comic books and superhero films explore the culture of our time, just as great novelists delved into the social issues of theirs.

This is a unit based on comic books. Detailed resource containing a range of writing activities: short story, informative, biography and comic strip. Contains a huge number of resources and detailed lesson plans for **16 lessons**. Also included are a selection of detailed, engaging powerpoint lesson presentations - but I suggest you also use clips of your favourite superheroes to highlight points, especially explaining character motivation etc.
**These resources have been recommended by TES several times over the years! They were even used as the basis of a competition in Irish schools.**

"The country that gave us Spider-Man, Batman and the Incredible Hulk is still obsessed with superheroes - particularly in the classroom. One of the nation's favourite resources is this series of PowerPoints and worksheets designed to help pupils understand the genre while developing their own storytelling skills. Pupils analyse film clips and comic books, develop character profiles by creating [top value] cards and design a map of a fantasy city for a superhero to live in. They then create their own superhero, write their biography and develop a short story on the theme "The day I discovered I had superpowers"." Victoria Grace Walden - TES article

*UPDATED* All new lesson plans looking at disability, body image, gender and ethnicity with regards to superheroes. Perfect material for tackling sensitive subject areas by using the medium of comics and superheroes to get students to critically engage with PSHE and reflect upon their own lives.
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Created: Mar 27, 2017

Updated: Jul 4, 2019

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