Teacher Excel Markbook

This excel spreadsheet can be used to record student's grades. Using a 1-10 system you can record their marks and it will automatically average the grade. If you enter J, K or L in capitals (which is converted into a smiley face) in the effort column it will also average their effort grade. This provides formative feedback and allows progress to be monitored. This is a concept and could easily be adapted for specific use, i.e. Assessment without levels, BTEC etc.


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    user avatarjoyceleigh2 months agoReport

    As I work with 16+ I will change 'effort' for 'feedback' but it looks a great template for me to get started.

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    user avatarzahrahalia year agoReport


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    This is great, but I don't know what the J K and L codes stand for. Can anyone help please?

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    Great resource - straight forward to use and looks good too. Thank you - saved me hours and pounds!

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