In Great Lesson Ideas, teachers at Eleanor Palmer School, London, demonstrate fun primary maths games.

Headteacher, Kate Frood, and her enthusiastic staff use games to inspire their pupils, and share three of their best ideas - maths learning cleverly interwoven with some traditional fun and games.

A Year 3 class plays a multiplication game using die and a Year 6 class try to establish the value of the word ‘table’, having been given the numeric value of some of the letters.

Year 1 practise their 'counting on' skills in a simple dice game they call 'Bird Race'.


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24 Reviews

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    user avatarafgedconsult9 months agoreport

    They are quite informative. I have learnt something here.

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    Great resource

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    user avatarcarolinens2 years agoreport

    Great ideas. I am looking forward to using them with my class.

  • 5

    This resource is excellent! Thank you so much. I'm looking forward to sharing this with the students.

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    I love the resource. The children are motivated - fantastic learning occurs whilst having fun!