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’KS2 Maths for Pupils’ introduces the properties of two-dimensional three and four sided shapes.

In the case of ‘the disappearing shapes’, an animated sequence looks at how the world would be without four sided shapes.

’Getting into shape’ investigates how implicit shapes can be abstracted from everyday shapes. A sequence at the 'shape gym' explores the properties of triangles and quadrilaterals.

’Shapes within shapes’ expands on the properties of shapes after the disappearance of the four sided shapes when triangles are filling the gaps that have been left.

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2 years ago

I liked this resource. I used it for a younger grade and I felt it was good to get younger children to look critically at shapes in the environment to find 2D shapes within them. The parade is engaging and maintains attention. It is very difficult to find the perfect resource, but I felt this one ticked a lot of boxes.


5 years ago

Got to agree with ppearcey ; )


10 years ago

Not perfect (what is?), not PC (thank goodness!), not complete (several shapes missing), not mathematically accurate for the purists... works, it's fun, it's novel, it's attention grabbing, it's motivating and, do you know what? It's great to stimulate critical discussion amongst our Level 5 pupils!


11 years ago

shockingly non PC!


11 years ago

The Shape Show- very misleading, wrong maths.. 2D shapes cannot be picked up. However "thin" the shape is,if it can be picked up, it is 3D. There was no mention of right angled triangles in the list of triangles & no differentiation between a square and an oblong. "Rectangle" was used to describe an oblong, but not a square. This resource should be removed. There are too many children who think that thin cuboids are rectangles.

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