The classic "Ten for Ten" style revision booklet fully re-made for the New KS2 Mathematics Curriculum. Three differentiated versions for lower ability, expected standard and exceeding / greater depth. Answers packs included. Pupils do 10 minutes work each weekday during their Easter break to keep their skills on the boil - 5 arithmetic questions & 4/5 reasoning questions each day. Just print as an A5 booklet and off you go...


  • Ten-for-Ten-KS2-Maths-Practice-Booklet---Working-Towards.pdf
  • Ten-for-Ten-KS2-Maths-Practice-Booklet---Expected-Standard.pdf
  • Answer-Pack---Working-Towards.pdf
  • Answer-Pack---Expected-Standard.pdf
  • Answer-Pack---Greater-Depth.pdf
  • Ten-for-Ten-KS2-Maths-Practice-Booklet---Greater-Depth.pdf

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