Our new TES Maths Podcast is now in the can, and what a very enjoyable podcast to record it was. I was very lucky to be joined by Jeremy and Dietmar from King’s College London, to talk about their very exciting ICCAMS project. But I would never let them get away with just that, so as well we managed to fit in a chat about falling standards in maths, advice on running discussion based lessons, and some festive maths ideas as well! In the Word document you will find links to all the resources, ideas and activities discussed, and a link to the Forum discussion as well.


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    A really great podcast, I enjoyed listening to it and found it really interesting. I am already looking forward to the next one.

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    I really enjoyed listening to this podcast - particularly the initial discussion about standards and the chat about my pet hate 'two negative make a positive'. Some great Christmas ideas too, a perfect way to spend half an hour with a cup of tea and a mince pie! Thank you for this, keep them coming.

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    As a trainee I found the discussion of ratio and negative numbers very interesting!

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    user avatarantonlewis5 years agoreport

    Antother great podcast Mr Barton, loved the discussion on negative numbers, roll on next months!