The Cold War Entire Unit
The Cold War Unit Bundled includes Cold War PowerPoints with short video links, primary source readings, maps, and assessment/test, all bound together by daily lesson plans. Each lesson begins with a warm-up, and continues with PowerPoint notes, a primary source document reading or map activity and an exit ticket. Unit also includes a Kahoot! online review game tailored for the exam, and an assessment/test. PowerPoint notes include lecture notes to guide you through the presentation. I have used these lessons with Honors and regular students. Cold War PowerPoints also include youtube links to short videos that engage the students.

Topics Covered
Origins of the Cold War
- Yalta Conference
- United Nations
- Potsdam Conference
- Iron Curtain & Cominform
- Truman Doctrine
- The Marshall Plan
- Berlin Airlift
- NATO - Warsaw Pact
- Fall of China
- Federal Civil Defense Administration
- Second Red Scare
- McCarran-Walter Act
- Alger Hiss, Julius & Ethel Rosenberg
- McCarthyism
The Korean War
Arms Race
- Brinkmanship
- Sputnik
- U2 downing
- Eisenhower's Military Industrial Complex speech

This Unit Includes:

• Daily Lesson Plans - Copy/Paste into yours!

• Warmups and Exit Ticket PowerPoints

• Cold War PowerPoints

• Cold War Map Exercise

• Debating NATO Membership Primary Source Activity

• Korean War Map Exercise

• Red Scare Political Cartoon Primary Source Exercise

• Cold War Crossword Puzzle Review

• Kahoot! Online Review Game - Students use their phones!

• Editable Assessment/Test

• Plus extras
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