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Most resources I develop are geared towards GCSE 2016-18 (AQA and Edexcel) curriculum and are practical solutions to classroom teaching. I keep most of these black and white for simple/cost-effective print. I read each novel/play/poem and break down into manageable parts. I find this most effective within classrooms where students require chunks of information they can order, in sequence. The 'study-packs' I create can apply to any book/play/poem and provide visual tools for memory recall.

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A Student-Teacher 13-page booklet with a wide variety of questions and tasks relating to the text that really test the student ability to recall and interpret key meanings and terminology. This resource works through the book in order of the chapters and could very much be used across a whole term, or as a revision guide for students to take home. Includes: Grammar, Punctuation, Writing Techniques, Lists, Timelines, On-Line Research.
The strength of this tool is that, once completed, it provides the student with a detailed 'visual' map of the entire book, i.e. most useful for GCSE examination 'recall' purposes. It also provides the English Teacher with a 'very' clear understanding of the learner's level of understanding.
Resource can be used as a natural progression tool towards students reading or watching the play and responding to AO4, i.e. typical teenage behaviour; how Stephen's presents Christopher in the play; how characters deal with loneliness; how characters are presented.
This is SUCH an amazing book on so many levels.



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toni wilson

5 years ago

Thank you for this resource, I found it incredibly suitable for what I was looking for. It was suitable for the play which my year 8's will be studying and saved me a great deal of time when preparing the SOW for my department. Thank you and highly recommended!

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