The Diary of Anne Frank - The Inhabitants of the Annex

This engaging and informative lesson helps students to understand the key characters and relationships in the secret annex in Anne Frank’s Diary. Students explore extracts from the text, video evidence, and their own research findings, to demonstrate a clear understanding of each of the occupants’ key characteristics and traits, in addition to their relationships with Anne and one another.

The lesson follows a step-by-step learning journey, in which children learn through:
-Remembering each of the occupants of the house, and recalling what they know about them;
- Reading and understanding extracts from Anne Frank's Diary, in which Anne describes each of the people in the house and explains what she thinks of them;
- Watching and comprehending a powerful video of Otto Frank discussing his relationship with Anne;
- Researching one inhabitant in more depth, using a helpful research template;
- Writing an explanatory piece about the life of one of the inhabitants of the annex;
- Peer assessing each other's learning attempts.

Included is:
- Whole lesson PowerPoint - colourful and comprehensive;
- Research Template
- Selected extracts - The Diary of Anne Frank;
- Link to an engaging and informative video (you will need internet access to view);
- Writing to Explain Helpsheet
- Comprehensive lesson plan.

There are also opportunities for group learning, speaking and listening, peer assessment, and whole class discussion. I originally used these resources with a mixed-ability year 8 class, however colleagues have used them for between years 5 and 9 with minimal adaptations. Please note that internet access/ use of research mechanisms is required for the introduction task and the model examples.

All images are licensed for commercial use, and image rights are listed on the last page of the presentation.


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