The power-point, lesson plan and worksheets contain activities designed to assist the teacher and the pupils in all stages of the lesson.


  • The_Good_Samaritan.ppt
  • Crack_the_Code_Starter_The good samaritan.doc
  • Activity 4 who is my neighbour.docx
  • Activity 5 are we good samaritans.docx
  • Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy worksheet.doc
  • the good samaritan worksheet.doc
  • The Good Samaritan lesson plan(1).doc

42 Reviews

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    user avatarflash7762 months agoreport

    Brilliant resource! Thanks for sharing!

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    user avatarjlrl13 months agoreport

    Well thought lesson.

    • user avatarThink_About_ItReply from Author3 months ago

      Thank you jlrl1 for your feedback, it is much appreciated! What do you feel is still missing?

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    user avatarmanu20163 months agoreport

    Fantastic resource! Beautifully presented, and cover everything I need for teaching with confidence this parable! Thank you!

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    Thank you-very informative and supported well with visuals!

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    user avatarjmuyuela4 months agoreport

    Activities are well sequenced and have clear learning intentions/success criteria. Thank you for sharing these series of activities.

    • user avatarThink_About_ItReply from Author4 months ago

      Thank you jmuyuela for your feedback. It is much appreciated!
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