The Indigenous Way - My Scrapbook

I had worked as teacher in a remote Aboriginal community in the north west region of Australia, and here I have collected by photos and stories to show students how life is the same and different to their own.

Topics covered:

  • Our Camp
  • The Terrain
  • Weather & Climate
  • Children’s Games
  • School
  • Two Schools
  • Food
  • Seasonal food
  • Food
  • The Babysitter
  • Health and Medecine
  • Medicine
  • Trip to the Great Sandy Desert
  • Pilbara Lizards
  • New Cyclone Shelter
  • Employment
  • Whitefella Work in the Pilbara

In my class the scrapbook is used as part of our Indigenous Study Unit and is used in combination with The Indigenous Way - A Case Study


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