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This engaging and stimulating lesson enables students to create travel brochure texts containing appropriate and imaginative language choices, utilising a range of different language techniques with subtlety in order to craft writing that serves the dual purpose of being descriptive and persuasive. In particular, students learn how descriptive language such as of similes, metaphors, and personification, in addition to persuasive devices such as statistics, rhetorical questions, and personal pronouns, can help to create truly authentic and effective travel brochure pieces.

The lesson follows a clear, logical, bite-size learning journey, which guides students towards differentiated learning objectives. Over the course of this journey, they become able to:
- Define what travel brochures are and understand their purposes;
- Identify the persuasive and descriptive language devices that travel brochure writers employ
- Analyse the effects of the language in a model travel brochure text;
- Utilise a clear and challenging success criteria document in order to construct their own travel brochure pieces;
- Self/Peer assess travel writing attempts.

This resource pack includes:
- A visually engaging whole-lesson PowerPoint presentation;
- An interesting and ambitious travel writing extract (with a highlighted version for teachers):
-A logical and challenging worksheet, encouraging students to analyse key features;
- A detailed lesson plan, complete with what the teacher and students should aim to achieve at each stage of the lesson.

All images are licensed for commercial use, and are cited on the final slide of the PowerPoint.

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Writing for Different Forms Huge Bundle!

These engaging, varied, and informative lessons are designed to help students build their skills at writing for a number of different forms, through utilising a range of sophisticated and original language ideas, tasks, and techniques. Included in this bundle are lessons focusing on: \- Diary Writing; \- Recount Writing; \- Writing Autobiographies; \- Writing Newspaper Articles; \- Writing Reviews; \- Writing to Argue/Persuade; \- Travel Brochure Writing; \- Travel Writing: Constructing Imaginative Content; \- Travel Writing: Crafting Imaginative Language; \- Travel Writing: Creating Imaginative Structures; Also included are helpsheets for students to use when writing for a wide range of purposes (e.g. inform, explain, etc.) Stimulating, visual, and easily adaptable, these lessons provide suggested learning objectives and outcomes for students of a wide-range of abilities - The vast majority of tasks are differentiated to allow for different abilities and needs in your classroom. Each lesson loosely follows this logical learning journey to ensure that students learn in bite-size steps: \- Engaging \- Defining/ Understanding \- Identifying/Remembering \- Analysing/ Creating \- Peer or self evaluating. All of the lessons are interactive, employ a variety of different teaching and learning methods and styles, and are visually-engaging. Resources, worksheets, and lesson plans are all provided - there is everything included that you need to teach!


Travel Writing Big Bundle!

Contains all of the Travel Writing Lessons Travel Brochure Writing! These engaging and detailed resources have been designed to make the teaching and learning of Travel Writing exciting, interesting, and easily accessible for all children. Throughout each lesson, students consider a different element of their writing (content, language, and structure) in order to produce imaginative and appropriate travel writing texts. Each lesson contains a comprehensive whole lesson PowerPoint, all the resources that you will need, and a lesson plan. Included are the following lessons: 1\. Travel Writing: Crafting Imaginative Content 2\. Travel Writing: Constructing Imaginative Language; 3\. Travel Writing: Creating Imaginative Structures 4\. Travel Brochure Writing All images are licensed for commercial use, and are cited on the final slide of the PowerPoint/ the bottom of worksheets.





6 months ago

It doesn't say what year group this is aimed at but I'm going to show my Year 2/3 class. We have covered alot of these criteria in persuasive already and we've moved into report writing so I'm excited to see what they achieve. Thank you for preparing.

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