Treasure hunt activity on percentage change and decimal multipliers.

Works great as a starter or short task.

Printed in Yellow bright and easy to read. Paper set as A4. Easily adaptable

hope you enjoy

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  • Mathematical-Treasure-Hunt-percentages-decimal-multipliers.docx

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    user avatardagtad18 days agoreport

    A bit tricky thanks

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    user avataraandd2520 days agoreport

    • user avatarcommuterReply from Author20 days ago

      Hi, thank you for taking the time to review my resource. I notice you have given it 2 out of 5, could you give something constructive that you would like changing or improved upon as I can try to address it in the future. Leaving a low score without a comment doesn't give me any way to improve and potentially meet what you need.


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    A nice resource to check pupil understanding with percentage change and understanding decimal multipliers. This would work well as a quick plenary after learning decimal multipliers or a quick starter activity before moving on to more complex percentage change.