Treaty of Versailles (Soure Analysis)

Lesson focusing on the skill of making inferences from sources, cartoon interpretation modelled step by step on powerpoint with selection of cartoons for pupils to attempt on their own - can be adapted for group work and feedback to whole class.


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  • historyjw3 months agoReport

    Excellent resource, thank you!

  • Amazing! Thank you!

  • Liamb123a year agoReport

    You have just saved me hours!

  • rpyoung2 years agoReport

    Superb break down - effectively using the Layers of Inference technique but colour coding. Subtle links to extending pupils thinking. Ideal for Higher Ability classes.

  • ChezzaC4 years agoReport

    A great breakdown on how to analyse sources which is simple and easy for pupils to understand. The added bonus is the opportunity to use it as a levelled assessment.