A complete Unit of Work on Trigonometry (Sin, Cos and Tan). Covers finding missing lengths and angles of right-angled triangles. No Sine Rule or Cosine Rule included.
Activities include:
Measuring lengths of similar triangles to discuss/discover the ratios, identifying lengths of triangles (hypotenuse, opposite, adjacent), exact trigonometric identities (NEW to the 1-9 GCSE), rounding to 3 significant figures, choosing whether to use sin, cos or tan, choosing whether it's a trig question or Pythagoras and more.
Lots of practice questions, all answers included and plenary type questions for each lesson/series of lessons.
I have been using this with my Year 10 higher set 2 and has taken 6 lessons to complete - not rushing through it and taking the time to explain/cover misconceptions. Would be suitable for NEW 1-9 GCSE Foundation students too.
See my blog post for more details.


  • Trigonometry-(Basic).notebook

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Created: Jan 23, 2016

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