Turtles in Trouble! An interactive story

An interactive story to learn about the sea turtle life cycle, natural and human threats.
Children sit in a circle around a turtle nest (a hoop or mat) with 100 eggs.
As they listen to a story they take turns (going round the circle) to remove eggs as a predator or problem arises.
As the story continues, the remaining eggs are turned over to reveal hatchlings which in turn face more problems as they try to reach the sea. As juveniles in the sea there are yet more problems. How many will survive and return to the beach where they hatched to lay their own eggs? What will the beach be like when they have become an adult

Printables included in the pack:

  1. Turtle eggs templates. Students can cut out the circles and draw their own hatchling on one side, (optional, if you prefer use the pre-made cards below).
  2. Turtle egg and hatchling cards. Print and cut out. (Place face down for eggs and turn over for hatchlings.)
  3. Story Scripts, 2 versions, ‘Take 5’ and ‘Against the Odds’.
  4. Turtle problem picture cards.
  5. Turtle problem word and picture cards.

Story Script Excerpt:
One moonlit night a green turtle heaved herself along the beach and dug a hole in the sand with her flippers.
She laid 100 eggs and took care to cover them again with sand to disguise the nest. Slowly, she made her way back to the sea where, exhausted, she slipped with relief back into the water as the sun began to rise.
Early the next morning, a dog roamed the beach and could smell where the turtle had been. She dug up part of the nest, ate five eggs and cracked five more which were eaten by ants.

Also included:
Ideas for activities using turtle problems cards. Maths (subtraction) story idea.
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  • Turtle_problems_word_and_picture_cards.pdf
  • Turtles-in-Trouble_resource.docx

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