Two Way Table Starter and Lesson Activity. KS2.

Active studio lesson for Two way tables. Starter uses the ‘Furbles’ website as an introduction. Main activity is a puzzle about two way tables. Suitable for lower sets.


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  • ingridua year agoReport

    Nice matching activity. And thanks for reminding me that the later version of Furbles did 2 ways tables. I use the 2003 version quite a lot and my student love it. Will be using the later version in future. Thanks for charing

  • Glamis4 years agoReport

    Ha'way the Toon indeed. Very good resource.

  • Excellent resource, thank you!

  • Bradders214 years agoReport

  • wegwer4 years agoReport

    Excellent resource for lower ability classes, ha'way the Toon!